Studio Work Space


Are you looking for studio work space to share with other artists working in clay?

If you are interested in coop studio work space and can help put energy into running a shared studio, please contact us. We are looking for clay artists, wheel throwers, & music teachers.

In the past there were 3 spaces available. Over the years, these spaces have filled up with other stuff. The current plan is clean out the spaces and set up a music room for someone who teaches music lessons and can utilize a piano. If space allows, perhaps some floor mats can make a space for yoga classes.

In the clay studio, there are 6 wheels available to be used and a couple handbuilding tables and a couple of slab rollers. We are looking for 5-6 potters or clay artists that can afford $500/mo rent. You would need to have proof of ability to consistently pay this. Having a part-time or full-time job outside of the studio would suffice. If you provide a commercial insurance policy and follow the studio rules, you could have 24 hr access. If you choose to not hold an insurance policy, you would attend during posted studio hours only and follow the studio rules.




Requests for pottery work space for a short duration are occasionally requested. To accommodate these requests, wheels are available for renting in the same space as the regular studio classroom/wheel area. The hours in which rentals can occur are the same as the studio's regular hours of operation (M & W 6p-9p). The hours are restricted due to insurance & liability, and because such renters are not wanting to invest in an insurance policy and business license for a short duration project. (Might as well take a class.) Cost TBD, but may be $10/hr. for studio use.

These rentals are for very experienced potters only. This means you have lots of college-level clay-art experience from your past or you have abilities gained from classes at Midnight Potter Studios. High school experience will not be enough to qualify as a knowledgeable independent potter for these rentals. Proof of such experience (portfolio or MPS class time) will be required before signing the rental contract.

Preferably, renters will have completed at least one pottery class at Midnight Potter Studios prior to contracting a rental wheel so that knowledge of expectations for dealing with waste water & materials safety are known ahead of time. Only those that have shown excellent clean up skills and understanding will be allowed to rent wheels.



Have you been looking for a place in Anchorage where you can set up your own equipment and make your own pottery to sell? If you have exemplary studio habits that keep the dust down and keep your work area clean on a daily basis, then once upon a time, we had the space for you. This is no longer the case. Now we are looking for potters to rent the space utilizing the equipment already in the studio.

Keeping a clean studio for the health of everyone is important and required for sharing space together. If you are interested in sharing space with other artists of varying mediums, come check us out. 

The rental rate is $500/mo. Security Deposit $250. A commercial insurance policy & a business license is recommended. One year lease minimum. Participation in monthly events is encouraged. Includes a bathroom, hot water & utilities, web site inclusion if desired, ordering of pottery supplies, involvement in building Anchorage's clay arts community and other benefits. The sharing of studio care, cleaning, costs of cleaning supplies & paper products, maintenance, marketing, sales, and business growth expected. Other details to be determined as needed. Studio potters benefits may include selling their works in hosted studio shows and other selling opportunities.

Kiln costs depend on usage amount and size of clayworks. Glazes are separate costs.
Midnight Potter Studios is a community minded, non-smoking, fragrance & pet-free environment due to allergy awareness.

Community Studio Potters will participate in and abide by the studio's Policies.

Community Studio Potters are team builders, creators of all kinds of things, energetic, positive, friendly, honest & trustworthy, flexible, responsible, sharing, willing to do what needs to be done to make art ventures happen, independently capable, mature enough, mentally sound, supportive and supported, financially capable of covering needs, conscious and detail oriented, aware of consequences and actions toward others and effects on equipment, community minded and community building, has ability to organize, be organized, & has consistent methods of madness, able to clean up after themselves daily to the Nth degree, and are able to commit to the time it takes to be involved in every aspect of clay art creation and sales. A college degree is not required, but you may find it to be helpful.

To apply, come to the studio or send an email, providing samples or photos of the clay work you do, a resume or artist bio. Be prepared to discuss your background, education, clay experience, business experience, motives & intent, goals, length of stay, mission statements, community building experience, habits, personalitly quirks, life & work ethics, and future visions.



The Midnight Potter Studios offers opportunities for gaining clay-art teaching experience via classes offered by community studio potters (this may be you) who offer classes or workshops for adults and/or kids at the studio.

The studio classroom has 9 electric wheels, shelving for works in progress, wedging table, plaster slabs for drying slop clay, a few molds, hand building tools, heated floor with a water trough floor drain, one raku kiln, one cone 06 and one cone 6, digital electric kilns, 1 extruder, 1 Pugmill, mop bucket, cone 06 to cone 10 clay for sale on site and other various clay types, 2 slab rollers, throwing & trimming tools, Giffen Grips, recycled clay & glaze systems, cubby space for wet clay storage, espresso and sandwich shop nearby and soon to be WooHoo! Ice Cream. The primary clay color in use is white (cone 6). 

This studio does not currently have a cone 10-12 gas kiln, wood-fired kiln, or clay waste traps, but we are doing fine without them for the time being. If you are interested in helping provide or create such items, please contact us.