Firing Fees

Kiln Firing Services:

Electric Kilns

  • Medium kiln for low fire glaze or bisqueing $25 per firing to cone 06-04 (avg. 8-10 hr fire, 18 hr cooling)
  • Big kiln for bisqueing or cone 5-6 glaze $45 per firing (avg. 10 hr fire, 24 hr cooling)
  • Items made outside of the studio with other clay bodies can be fired in the studio. Before firing, information is required on the cone of the clay body & glazes being used; the manufacturer of the clay & glazes, and the name of the materials used. For example, Laguna Clay, Dover White, Cone 5. Or 2 layers of Mayco Stroke n Coat Glaze painted on.
  • Other questions may be asked like, "How long have you had the clay?", "How long has the clay work been sitting - is it new (finished a week ago) or been drying for a while (one year or 10 years)?"
  • If you purchased the clay from Midnight Potter Studios, then less questions & answers are needed.

Raku Kiln (cone 06)

  • Group Workshop: $25/person + $18/load up to 9" tall
  • Over 9" tall, add $6 per additional 4.5"h (or kiln brick ring), per load up to max 22"ht and 13"wide

Raku Firing Services (cone 06) (Where we fire it for you)

  • Commenced only when enough bisqued peices are dropped off to the studio to make a firing worth doing.
  • Glaze is not included, but can be purchased separately. 
  • $6/pce under 5"x5"x9"h
  • Other prices/sized determined as needed.