About the Midnight Potter

the Midnight Potter

Jenny Ditto is a lifelong Alaskan, born and raised in Anchorage. She has 35 years of pottery experience. She started wheel throwing at Anchorage West High School, with teacher Becky Voris, then continued at UAF, Fairbanks, and ACC/UAA, Anchorage.

After many years of fine tuning her skills in the Anchorage community, she opened Midnight Potter Studios and later Clay Art Space to continue teaching her techniques while presenting a curriculum for successful wheel thrown pottery in as few weeks as possible.

She also offers group workshops and team building activities involving wheel throwing. She supports creating a cooperative workspace facility utilizing art mediums in clay, metal, and glass in Anchorage.

100% of her pottery sales go towards current & future artistic facility developments. Your purchase today also supports donations she makes of her pottery to non-profit fund-raising organization that support Anchorage’s community. When you support her efforts, you help support Anchorage’s community & cultural development.

Her pottery is functional for kitchen & bath, and decorative for home or personal wear. She works with mid-range porcelain & stoneware clays, low-fire ceramic & raku clays. Her pottery & ceramic works include large & small bowls, mugs, tagines, daubieres, oven casseroles, oil & vinegar jars, sugar bowls, honey jars, jars with lids, soap dishes, utensil crocks, beads & buttons, flower vases & planters, ceramic Christmas trees, and raku jars & vases. She is also slumping recycled wine bottles into cheese trays.

You can find her finished works year-round in the studio.

She also creates pottery for wholesale to supply gift shops around Alaska. Please inquire, if your business is interested in featuring hand-made pottery in your store.

Thanks for your support!


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